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A History of the Kerrville Board of REALTORS®
Kerrville Board of REALTORS®

The Kerrville Board of REALTORS® was granted its charter in May 1945 as the Kerrville Real Estate Board with four members. John R. Furman was the first President of the Board. The names of the other members were G.C. McCoy, G.P. Bevill, and E.R. Dischinger. Our local board is listed among the first 13 founding boards of the Texas Association. The name was changed to Kerrville Board of REALTORS® in January, 1962; the Board was incorporated in 1968.

John R. Furman not only served as President that first year, but continued to work hard at holding the Board together as they struggled through those early years. He served as President three other times between 1945 and 1957. Mrs. J.D. Hanna was

approved as the first woman member in July 1950 and she served as President of the Board in 1954 and 1955. In 1982, the Bylaws were changed and sales associates became REALTOR® members with a full vote in the Board.

The minutes show that the members started talking about organizing a formal Multiple Listing Service as early as 1948 when a committee was appointed to study the matter. It appears that much discussion was held during the years concerning rules and procedures, but from reading the minutes, on May 28, 1962, the Multiple Listing Service was approved. Floyd Price was on the first MLS Committee. The MLS was financed with a commission paid on each “Sold” listing up to the year 1972. The first MLS books were printed in 1978. Prior to that time the MLS information was distributed on “tear sheets” with each agent responsible for keeping his 3-ring binder up-to-date.

On May 21, 1973, a general membership meeting was held at the Inn of the Hills Resort & Conference Center to vote on the purchase of our present location at 328 Jefferson St. The following have served in what is now the Executive Officer position: Doris Sprott, 1973-1976; Sue Nowak, 1976 -1981; Eileen Meek, 1981 - 1981; Glynda Prinz, 1981 –2006; and Ramona LeBleu September 2006 - present.

Through the years, Kerrville Board of REALTORS®, as a group, made donations to many worthy causes. In the early 70s money was donated to several Texas Boards to assist in areas hit by disasters. In the last few years funds have been donated to help place a sign at the new city park at Lois and Methodist Encampment; to Habitat for Humanity to eliminate inadequate housing, and for the Oklahoma bombing disaster. Board members have also contributed many hours to local civic activities, some of which have been operating a “Water Booth” at the State Arts & Crafts Fair for several years, participating in a river clean up day, conducting a Voter Registration Drive, and having a float in the annual Christmas parade.

Membership in the Board has grown from the original four, when the charter was granted, to a high of just over 300 in 1982-1983, and even today our membership number are in the mid-three hundreds. The economy has influenced the membership totals in the later years. As the economy slowed in the late 80’s and early 90’s, our membership dropped to under 150 before it began increasing again.

The Board has seen many challenges during the 64 years, the biggest of which is trying to keep up with technology. The day to day operations of the Board office have slowly evolved over the
Kerrville Board of REALTORS®
years. It has been a long hard pull from tear sheets to printed MLS Books to online MLS access, to lockboxes and our own education facility.